When do you write best?

Nighttime or Daytime?

having a game of nighttime daytime

Do you tend to do your best work at a certain time of the day?  Lately for me, I find the work I do at night is the stuff that sticks. There is something about the quiet that settles over my house at night. Dogs curl up near the fire, kids all nestled in (or at least playing near) their beds. Tea seems to stay warmer longer. Things flow.

During the day lately, I find myself holing up in my office to write only to be distracted by a million other things and then frustrated by my lack of quality progress. I can get through an edit or write a few hundred words but I usually come back to it again at night and do it again. 

Night writing, which seems to produce better stuff, has started to become a challenge. I am reverting back to my old night owl habits which no longer fit when the days are full of kids and family and work and life around here.

And so tomorrow begins my journey back into writing by day. I figure with the Super Bowl I am not likely to be distracted by the phone. So its just a matter of avoiding the in-house interruptions. (Are you watching the game, btw? I get strange looks here in football country when I reveal my lack of football interest.)

Perhaps if I got dressed and walked past the family with my bag and my keys, waved goodbye to the cherubs and kissed hubby and then walked around the house and then–with stealth–climbed in my office window and locked the door (!) I would be able to hide and write all day.

I’m curious if you have scheduled writing time, or write all the time but find that night or day works better for you.  Pray tell.


In case you’ve not seen the video whence the above image comes, enjoy:

Oh, and before I forget… I watched THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES last night with hubs. It was good.  Dark, sad, tense, and good. Helped that the main character had eyes that brought on *instant* smolder. Worth adding to the Netflix queue.

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