Fall Break is here and the smalls are home from school this week. The weather has turned cooler and we’re all snuggling in to our warm beds and sleeping in. I love the fall!  Mums! Pumpkins! Spooky decor!   Does anyone else out there feel like the year has just flown by?  I know that as we get older time does some strange things, but I swear, it was January only yesterday.

I’ve already lost the daytime writing battle while everyone is home, so I thought I’d share the things that have been happening over here these days.

Behold: Smolder in a jar!  My friend and I made a batch of Peach Habanero Jam yesterday and the whole time we were commenting on how pretty the color is.  Don’t you agree?  This is best served over cream cheese or something of that nature, with crackers. This way you don’t burn your face off.  And it seems everyone will need one jar to themselves (if our after-canning tasting party was any indication) So yummy!

Speaking of Smolder… I spied my man Mr. Darcy front and center at the Costco this morning and snatched him right up!  I was horried for learn that several of my friends have never seen Pride and Prejudice. Can you imagine?  I promised to rectify the situation and bring our friendships back on an even keel with a screening at my house, and then wondered where I might find the DVD with my favorite, Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Ask and you shall receive… 13 DVDs! over 29 HOURS of movies!  Pride and Prejudice, Victoria & Albert, Emma, Jane Eyre, Catherine the Great, The Mayor of Casterbridge, The Magnificent Ambersons, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Vanity Fair, The Great Gatsby.  Hooray!


And then…

Mums! Pumpkins!  The kids picked out their pumpkins for the carving to come. For now, they are enjoying the stoop and their own personal spook show happening on my front door:

Boo! All of those little things you see here are ghosts. Many of whom are named after my kids’ friends. ;) We were trying to recall the names of the Pac Man ghosts while enjoying the kids’ decor.  Blinky, Pinky, Inky?  Anyone?  I refuse to google it.

And finally, I give you the view from my desk. I love these maple trees. We have three of them and they just get more and more beautiful.  *le sigh*

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  1. I also <3 this time of year! Just today I had a freak out moment, October is more than HALF over! Where did this year go!!?!

    LOVE the jelly, it’s beautiful!! We also love that appetizer. Hot jelly over cream cheese IS THE best. Never thought of making my own jelly, I bet it’s 10x better than the stuff I get at the store.

    Now I need to find some peaches!! ;)

  2. I have that romance collection. I got it for Pride and Prejudice but also for the Scarlet Pimpernel–which I haven’t see yet, but I want to.

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. *hehe* Cute little paper ghosts! And the last Pacman ghost’s name is Clyde. I remember it as it was so far removed from the other three and so highly random it made me giggle when I first learnt it!

    Yummy looking jelly, though not much a fan of hot foods. Peach jelly alone — now that sounds heavenly!


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