October 14, 2009

Did you miss me? I have been away for a while, but not so long that my cookies expired and I had to look up my log in. ;) Where to begin?

Have you ever felt your life going through a complete shift? This Summer and Fall found me, against my will, dealing with the most incredible wave of things going sideways. Nothing dreadful has happened, this was/is all going on in the mental plane. I went from feeling like I was riding high on my board in the sun on top of a killer wave, to suddenly being dragged and pulled under and in a million wrong directions – it wiped me out completely.

I couldn’t breathe, literally. I made an announcement to anyone who would listen in the middle of Summer that I was going on hiatus… and that is exactly what I did. Went to the pool, took a girl trip or two (alone) read books, watched movies, and stopped writing. I was giving myself a much needed break, well, as much of a break as is possible with a marriage, 4 kids, 2 businesses, 2 dogs, some neglected fish, and a very messy house.

All things being relative, my hiatus worked. I am renewed and feeling clear headed and relaxed. My 2 month hiatus caused a change in our home routine, and now I spend a lot less time at my desk. I didn’t realize how much time I actually did spend working, or preparing to work, or learning about something related to work… all at my desk.

I have been enjoying the newly discovered use of boundaries, and realizing that I can say no. That I am actually in control of what I do and don’t do, and also seeing relationships much more clearly. Weeding my Garden, as my friend K would say. Pruning out the junk to make room for all the good stuff to grow. Simplifying.

And so now I am here, (at my desk) but not working. I have missed writing, in my core I have yearned to write. I have lots of things to write about… I hope you’re willing to tag along!

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