WriteOnCon – Day 1

Have you dipped your toe in the cool sparkling water that is WriteOnCon today?  If you have not yet, then get yourself checked in and start absorbing.   My brain!  Overload!  What started out as a tentative approach to reading posts and giving my own feedback quickly morphed into a tidal wave of enthusiasm that culminated with me (yes, me) actually posting some of my ms and my query. In public. For feedback.  From strangers.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, to be honest – I mean, an online writer’s conference?  How can this be?  But let me tell you, I sat in on a video workshop with agent Mark McVeigh this evening that was totally *awesome*.  I hear the entire day will be available online, transcripts and videos… you must check it out.

The fabulous founders of this EPIC event had me at *free*, and have hooked me with the incredible quality of this event.  AND IT IS ONLY DAY ONE!!!

Get over there.  Stat.  You can thank me later.

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