One thing I noticed when I gave up my paying job and decided to write full time, aside from the fact that you can wear out a keyboard, eat too many cookies, and there should be a limit on coffee for some people, is that writing can be one hell of a lonely gig.

It is no wonder some writers become tortured and constantly introspective souls who prefer life in their hermitage, unable to relate to anyone else, speaking in hashtags, brewing tea all the time and talking to the animals curled about the desk while pencils get lost in the rat’s nest of her hairdo. –yeah, um.  And so, I find myself feeling grateful to be doing this now, in the age of the interwebs!

For those of you who hang over at the tweeter, you’ve probably seen the #WriterWednesday or #WW hashtags where writerly folk call out other writerly folk in a little tweet high five. It feels good to be named in that way! Same goes for #FF or #FollowFriday.  No matter what you’re doing in life, I am a firm believer in making connections. It is something I talk about all the time in my other non-paying day job. And it remains true in all facets of life.  Nobody wants to be isolated or feel alone, exxxxpecially writers!!

The other day I was totally humbled to be awarded the Stylish Blog Award by my friend Susan over at Memoirs of a Writer.  Thank you Susan!  Susan and I have a lot in common and met for the first time in person this past January after being web-friends for a long time.

Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to pay-it-forward and share with you some of my new blog friends, whose blogs you might find entertaining and informative.  But first, as part of the award, I am supposed to share 7 things about myself.   *ahem*

  1. I don’t like to watch television. I love to watch movies and enjoy watching seasons of some shows on DVD, but find most of the normal stuff on TV makes me batty. Reality shows and 24 hour news have ruined TV.
  2. I was once in a car accident were the car I was in was parked and I was alone and in the passenger seat. The car (manual transmission) popped into gear all by itself, jumped the curb, drove through the plate glass window of the convenience store, and just missed the stunned clerk and shocked car owner as I screamed “get out of the waaaaaaaay”. My memory of this event always happens in slo-mo. The owner of the car never spoke to me again, I maintain my innocence. 
  3. My favorite books of all time are Pillars of the Earth, The Stand (unabridged), Trinity, Pride and Prejudice, and the Outlander series. I have read each of these many times each, and discovered the Outlander series on Audible.com is narrated by the most talented woman – everyone should listen to Outlander (unabridged) from Audible.com, read by Divina Porter.
  4. I believe in overtipping.
  5. Without stretching, I can put one foot behind my head. After stretching appropriately, I can put both of my feet behind my head. (no, there are no pictures)
  6. I love the beach, but do not like the ocean for swimming. (its the crawlies!!)
  7. Given the choice right now to do anything, anywhere, I would choose to be reading or writing, on the beach, with no cell signal, while my kids and hubby played and lounged nearby.

And now, please meet some of my new blogerly friends!

Wendy at http://the-pickles.blogspot.com/ is my female brother from another mother (for reals). I’d call her my sister from another mister, but that doesn’t feel quite the same. So, I am open to suggestions. We can usually be spotted on the tweeter causing a ruckus and doing a whole lotta ROFLing.  Follow her so she can have a 100 followers contest too!

Leah at http://www.leahpetersen.com/ writes sci-fi and her new book FIGHTING GRAVITY is coming out next year!  I am entralled by the 5Minute Fiction contests she has going on and wonder if I have what it takes to get in on that action.  Stay tuned!

Miriam at http://www.msforster.blogspot.com/ is another one of the ruckus-causing tweeters that you should be following. I highly recommend it. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Lisa at http://paranormalpointofview.blogspot.com is another new blogger/writer whose blog is always worth visiting. And I won a contest over thar!

Talli at http://talliroland.blogspot.com/ is my new friend from across the pond. Her book THE HATING GAME is celebrating its paperback release and we’re all just loving the fun.

PS, a bonus:

Chuck Wendig’s blog at http://www.terribleminds.com is a new discovery for me. (Yes I realize I am late to the party, but seriously… just go follow and read and ROFL) and if you’re not ROFLing, then you’re prob just cleaning up the shreds of your blown mind.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. oh i agree! I LOVED Pillars of the Earth, the Stand (unabridged) and Pride is one of my all time favorites! I’ll have to try the outland series. I over tip too – too many theatre friends back in the day.

  2. Congrats on the award, and nice to learn more about you! Yay for #1, no TV. Ditto for me; I only watch DVDs and Netflix streaming. :) And I only do that 2-3 times a week. Gotta have time to write and read.

    WHOA–both feet behind your head? Ow, that makes my joints hurt just thinking about it. LOL

  3. Do you know I have had Pillars of the Earth since it came out in paperback, and I’ve never gotten around to reading it? Maybe I’ll get that from Audible.

    Anyways – thank you so much for the kind shout out! You are such a doll. I see by your list that we have even more odd things in common! It’s a crying shame we live so far apart.

    Suddenly I know three people who are actively following their dreams. I’m so jealous. I think this year I’ll try to focus more on following my own. :)

    Thanks again!!

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