Writers on the Moon

About a month ago, I applied to have my work sent to the moon. 

To. The. Moon. Literally. 

A couple of weeks ago, I learned that my name was chosen with 49 other writers whose work will be included in the payload of a literary time capsule that will live forever on the lunar surface! I’m now affectionately known as Manifest #31. 

How on Earth did this even happen?

Well… it’s a pretty awesome story that starts with the amazing author, Susan Kaye Quinn. On her blog, Susan shared: 

Several months later, in October, her DHL MOONBOX arrived, and she had A RESERVATION. TO GO TO THE MOON!

To. The. Moon. (no, it never gets old.)

The payload space Sue was assigned was way larger than she could possibly fill, even after including her entire library with two prolific pen names. So, she decided to share her moonbox payload space with others so more of us indie authors could join her on this adventure, and that’s the story of how WRITERS ON THE MOON was born. 

Astrobotic and DHL have partnered to deliver “MoonBoxes” aboard Astrobotic’s lunar landers. Our payload will ride on the first Astrobotic lander to reach the Moon, the Peregrine Lander.  It will remain there permanently, a time capsule for the future. 

There’s a whole lot of really cool information about this project on the Writers on the Moon blog, so please go check that all out, if you’re interested.

I’ll be sharing more here about which of my works I’ll be sending, and keeping you updated along the way. Yesterday, I sent the final piece of my payload, which was the catalog for the manifest of the things I included as well as what I wanted to be posted on the WOTM website. 

Stay tuned as I continue to share about what I chose to include as well as project updates. We’re planning to launch in Fall 2021, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Signing off–Manifest #31 Log, Stardate 02032021 

Photos credit: Susan Kaye Quinn & WOTM Blog

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