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Writers: Try something new - Corinne O'Flynn

I’m guest judge today over at Leah Petersen’s #5MinuteFiction and wanted to take a moment and invite you to do something new.

As I stare at my Christmas tree and will it to undress itself, I ponder the possibilities of doing something totally different.  I imagine draping it artfully with multi-colored bed sheets and pretending it is a nouveau soft-art sculpture and soon to be all the rage. We’ll all laugh come next Thanksgiving when, over tea and pumpkin pie, I dismantle said priceless conversation piece to unveil my tree in its pre-lit glory. *instant festive*  Can you see it?

Seriously though, I want you to take five minutes today (at 1230pm Eastern) and participate in #5MinuteFiction because it is important to do things differently, change things up, light a new fire

When I first discovered #5MinuteFiction, I thought it was some exclusive club of writer friends who got together to stretch their collective creativity each Tuesday for fun. I watched in amazement as these writers created some truly awesome work in the span of five minutes with a prompt that was revealed only a second before.

When I found out it was a weekly contest open to all… I was instantly wary. Could I do it? What if my stuff sucks?

Well, let me tell you… some of my stuff sucked. But some of it didn’t! And some of it made it to the finals. And some of it won!  (see tab on this blog above) And all of it was so exciting and rush-inducing, not to mention the rather fabulous group of writer’s I have met as a result.

So, come on down today (and every Tuesday) for five minutes of brain-explosion and see what falls out of your head. I promise you one thing… you’ll never be able to claim “writer’s block” as an excuse again.

And if this wasn’t enough to induce you… carve out a little Time Bacon and come on over because Chuck Wendig said you should. (see #19)

See you there!

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  1. Hmmm… five minutes? I don’t know, I can barely scratch my nose in five minutes. There, ya see, I just got here and it’s Wednesday! I’ll put it on my schedule for next Monday and hope I can get in on time. Thanks for pointing this out!

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