I am all packed and ready to go.  My Kindle’s all loaded, camera’s charged, got my new copy of Writer’s Digest magazine and some of my business cards. Oh, and I totally just bought this for my little netbook. It is adorable!  I have the wallet in that pattern, too. Matchy-matchy.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be shooting across the sea on a ferry from Boston headed for Provincetown and the Norman Mailer Writers Colony YA Workshop. I have no idea what to expect. I am very excited to be spending a whole week in Cape Cod devoted to my writing.

I do know there will be six other writers attending along with me and the faculty includes several professors and YA Author, Lenore Hart.  I also know that I get my very own condo and bicycle. I’m trying to imagine being alone for all this time with nobody to care for but myself.

Seriously, last night I left my hubs and four smalls up in the mountains for some camping and planned to spend today packing for my trip. I got up early, had a cuppa tea, got myself all ready, packed my bag, folded all the laundry in the house, organized my closet, cleaned the dishes, paid the bills, got four bags set out for goodwill pickup, and was done by 1pm.  Can you even imagine what writing will be like without constant interruption all week?

I totally get to be the boss of me.  Booyah!

Norman Mailer House

I think I am going to work on my new Witchy Novel while I am there. I’ve got everything loaded on my trusty netbook in case I change my mind.  By the way, have you tried DropBox yet? Talk about sync-simplicity for my writing docs.

I’ll let you know how things are going. Considering what can happen when I am given alone time, I anticipate blogging while I am there. With pictures. :)

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