April 1, 2010

And so I am back in my wrinkled up dusty old writer’s hat, and finally making an attempt to bridge that gap from writer to published author. My book is coming along nicely. Rewrites are a bear. I have been spending time researching the industry and getting involved in the gigantic world of literary agents, fellow writers, editors, and publishers. I entered my first contest at Query Tracker, which was exciting to me, and a huge step in putting my work “out there”. It is one thing to send my manuscript to friends who will be gentle and kind in their critiques (one hopes), but quite another to let a professional agent take a peek. Fingers crossed that my entry catches his eye! I had to submit a one-line pitch and the first paragraph of my novel. 10 winners will be able to submit more for a professional critique. I had a lot of fun actually drafting that pitch line. It is useful now to have a concise and complete explanation of my book. Whenever I sat and tried to think of how to summarize it well enough to be crisp, I could hear the deep-voice movie trailer man saying, “In a world…” So, at least I got that under control. Back to writing…

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