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Welcome to the YA Scavenger Hunt!

My name is Corinne O'Flynn and I am your host on this stop of the loop. My latest book, DEAD NIGHT, releases today! To celebrate, I'm giving away a signed paperback and some ebooks for four lucky winners. It's open worldwide. Enter below!

You're currently on ORANGE TEAM's loop.

What is this thing? The YA Scavenger Hunt is a biannual online event that promotes collaboration between YA authors from different publishing houses, offering fans an opportunity to see the latest and greatest in young adult literature. During the hunt, we showcase exclusive bonus material, give readers access to top secret insider information, and offer fabulous prizes and giveaways for zealous YA fans. This event was started years ago by author Colleen Houck and has been going strong ever since!


  1. FIND, my secret number, listed somewhere below. HINT: My number is highlighted in ORANGE!
  2. COLLECT the secret numbers of all the authors on each team and then add them up. HINT: There is a cheat sheet to keep you organized HERE.
  3. ENTER TO WIN: Once you’ve added up all the numbers from EACH TEAM separately, fill out the form HERE to officially qualify for the grand prize. Only entries that have the correct number will qualify.
  4. Don't forget - many of the 140 authors taking part are also hosting their own contests on their pages separate from the big prize. So, be sure to bounce around to all the stops, enter all the contests, and cross your fingers for the prizes!

Don't waste time... the countdown ends at 12:00 PM (PST) on Sunday OCT 7!

Check the YASH website for rules and guidelines. There are SEVEN contests going on simultaneously, and you can enter one or all! I am a part of ORANGE TEAM but there is also RED TEAM, BLUE TEAM, PURPLE TEAM, GREEN TEAM, GOLD TEAM, and PINK TEAM!

Welcome T. Rae Mitchell to the blog!

I am pleased to welcome my guest for this year's YASH hunt, T. Rae Mitchell!

Bestselling author T. Rae Mitchell is an incurable fantasy junkie who spent much of her youth dreaming up worlds and bringing characters to life. While most kids outgrow such things, T. Rae didn’t and sometimes took playing make-believe a bit far. Like the time a wizard hid a bottle of dragon beans in the back yard and left her son convinced he could grow his own dragons. Needless to say, the beans failed to produce and disappointments were had. That’s when T. Rae decided to funnel her crazy imagination into writing. She has since begun her young adult series, Fate’s Fables, Book One of Fate’s Journey, which can be found on numerous Amazon Top 100 Best Seller lists, such as Coming of Age Fantasy and Fairy Tales & Folklore.

Connect with T. Rae Mitchell online at: Twitter and Facebook

For her bonus content, T. Rae has shared her inspiration board for her upcoming release, FATE'S WAR, Book 3 of her Fate's Journey series! Check it out:

OK - that is a gorgeous collection of images, and definitely inspiring! I can think of *ahem* *626* reasons to check out this series! ;)

About T. Rae Mitchell's upcoming book: FATE'S WAR:

Looming war threatens everything Fate holds dear.

Fate's reunion with Finn, her one true love, has given her the courage she needs to embrace her identity as Keep Guardian and confront the dark forces poised to claim the immense power stored within the Keep. But a deadly game of deceit is playing out behind the scenes, birthing what may be an even greater threat. As war bears down upon Fate and those she loves, her only hope is to break her blood oath as guardian in order to lure the final battle to unexpected realms, where surprising allies are gathering forces.

To get there, Fate must fight. She will fight for her childhood friend, whose formidable warrior skills are under the control of an ancient evil. She will fight for her father and dear friends, each of whom are prepared to die for her. And she will fight for the future she desperately wants with Finn.

Will Fate succeed in keeping her world from shattering, or is she headed for sheer destruction?


The YASH hunt coincides with the release of my latest title, DEAD NIGHT: Four Fits of Fear, which was published under the Wicked Ink Books imprint. I'm super excited to share this title with you, and to celebrate, I am hosting a giveaway!

Four award-winning, bestselling fantasy and science fiction authors weave chilling tales of paranormal adventure, suspense, murder, and horror.

  • After his father is laid to rest, a man must come to terms with a terrible family inheritance.
  • An urban legend becomes all too real for a teen who takes a shortcut through the woods.
  • Four friends visiting an escape room realize their time has run out.
  • A young man working in a morgue discovers something is feasting on the inhabitants.

    Grab this creepy collection, crawl under your covers, and open the pages—if you dare.

That's all I have for you! Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to record my secret number and leave a comment to say hi!

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  1. Corinne I am having trouble getting into the document to record my numbers on it. Are we meant to keep our own information about the numbers we find ?? Then let you guys know at the end or put information on the document. Help please.
    Thankyou Again,
    Michelle Chantler

    1. Hi Michelle, the document “cheat sheet” is for you to print and use as you travel through the competition. When you’re done gathing all the numbers, you tally them up and then you go to the ENTRY page to enter the different team contests. :) Sorry you got stuck on that.

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