What is good? What is bad? How can we be sure? Does it matter? I'd like to make the argument that it doesn't, and that we shouldn't be so quick to assign a label of good or bad to any situation.

But that is not as easy as it sounds. And, I’m not on my high horse pretending I’m above this-I’m totally not. But it’s a place to aspire to and mindfully approach. Because the benefits way outweighs the hardship.

The concepts of good and bad are deeply ingrained in our society and culture. We tend to view events and situations as either positive or negative, based on our own experiences and beliefs. And the beliefs of those whose opinions we value. But, when it comes to things that happen to us, whether they are good or bad is often a matter of subjective interpretation, right?

Main points covered in this episode:

  • What is Good? What is Bad?
  • A Personal Story... Is it good? Is it bad?
  • The Story of the Old Man and His Horse
  • My Soapbox Moment! ;) 
  • The Benefits of Letting Go Of Outcomes
  • Some Ways to Get into this Mindset

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