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The Calm Entrepreneur Podcast is for entrepreneurs and small business owners like you who are showing up, doing the work, and are tired of the conversation about the need for hustle and chasing the figment of work-life balance.

You're a whole person living a whole life and it's possible to do it all with ease, flow, and calm. So join me and let's do it together! 

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Calm voice for my...

I love Corrine's calm voice as she talks about mindset and entrepreneurship, both things that I know I will find a lot of value in as I continue to listen! I am one episode in and adding this podcast to my recurring weekly shows to listen to!

akernahan - Review @ Apple Podcasts

Exactly what I needed.

Listening to this first episode was the perfect way to kick off 2023! Corinne's erudite delivery was exactly what I needed. I'm very much looking forward to the next episode.

DominikaWaclawiak - Review @ Apple Podcasts

The voice alone calms...

I'd listen just to hear Corinne's soothing voice, but it goes way beyond that! I love her content. It makes sense, reaffirms, and motivates all at once. Listening to her podcasts is a wonderful balm for my stressed entrepreneur self who is frantically juggling plates that might slip and crash at any moment. When I hear what Corinne has to say, I know I can do it and everything will work out just fine.

Kae Krueger - Review @ Apple Podcasts

Show me the way!

In listening to Corinne's podcast, I realize that while I'm disorganized, and need to get myself together, it's possible to do so in a way that isn't a mad frenzy. It's calm, measured, and easy. That's a novel concept for me. What I really enjoy is that Corinne breaks the processes she's explaining down into manageable pieces. It keeps me from being overwhelmed with what I need to do to be better organized and I am so grateful!

J Cartwright - Review @ Amazon Podcasts

Episode Show Notes Library:

Episode 31: Exploring the Unique Role of Reflectors in Human Design

Episode 30: Lighting the Beacon: A Deep Dive into Human Design's Projector Type

Episode 29: The Inner Universe of Manifesting Generators in Human Design

Episode 28: The Energy Blueprint: Understanding the Generator in Human Design

Episode 27: Unlocking Your Authentic Self: Exploring Manifestors in Human Design

Episode 26: The Life-Changing Power of Human Design for Entrepreneurs

Episode 25: Healing Burnout by Connecting with Your Future Self

Episode 24: The Messy Middle: Embracing Challenges and Navigating Your Way to Success

Episode 23: Unlocking Self-Love and Harmony: Exploring Human Design for Tailored Self-Care

Episode 22: Rising Above Fear: Showing Up Despite Naysayers & Overcoming Your Subconscious Set Point

Episode 21: The Key to Manifesting Resides in Your Heart & Quantum Human Design Can Help You Unlock It

Episode 20: How to Trust Your Gut and the Power Within

Episode 19: 10 Ways to Market Your Business Without Spending a Dime

Episode 18: What if Your Goal Isn't Really Yours?

Episode 17: Timing Truly is Everything: Why Waiting for Divine Timing is Vital for You and Your Business

Episode 16: Spring Cleaning Your Mental Clutter and Opening Up to Abundance

Episode 15: Is Your Website Legal? 3 Areas of Legal & Policy Rules for Business Websites

Episode 14: It's Not Enough to Set Goals: 3 Tips for Goal-Setting Success

Episode 13: What is Good? What is Bad? An Argument for Letting Go of Outcomes

Episode 12: Self Care is Not a Luxury (Especially for Entrepreneurs!)

Episode 11: Creating a Workflow for Creating a Lead Magnet

Episode 10: Sometimes Pivoting is the Smartest Move

Episode 9: A Daily Slow Practice Can Change Your Life

Episode 8: The Importance of an Intentional Evening Routine for Your Work and Your Life

Episode 7: 5 Causes of Procrastination and the Science-Backed Solutions You Can Use

Episode 6:  Say Yes To Less: Release FOMO and Follow Your Own Path 

Episode 5: Setting Your Goals Using Time and Using Process

Episode 4: Master Your Morning and Master Your Life: The Power of a Morning Routine

Episode 3: The Cost of Digital Clutter and Simple Steps to Start Managing It

Episode 2: Are You Optimizing Email For YOUR Subscribers?

Episode 1: You Are What You Think: 5 Mindsets You Need For Success