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Rising Above Fear: Showing Up Despite Naysayers and Overcoming Your Subconscious Set Point

Navigating the path to personal or professional success is often akin to traversing a winding, uphill road. At times, you might find yourself held back by fear—the fear of failure, of success, or of stepping out of your comfort zone. What's more, you might encounter naysayers, people who doubt your abilities or undermine your ambitions.

One critical tool to overcoming these challenges is understanding that regardless of what’s causing it, we can’t just cast blame fear is ours. From within.  And it comes from a place deep in our subconscious mind, from something affectionately known as our  "set point"—the internal thermostat that dictates what we believe we can achieve and how safe we feel stretching beyond our comfort zone.

The set point isn't inherently bad; it's a defense mechanism designed to protect us from perceived danger. It represents our comfort zone, within which we feel safe and in control. When we attempt to step outside this zone, the set point triggers fear responses, attempting to pull us back to what is familiar. However, if we want to grow, achieve our goals, and prove naysayers wrong, we need to learn to navigate this set point effectively.

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