Digital clutter isn't going anywhere, and judging by the conversations I'm having with entrepreneurs daily, it's something that's causing increasing amounts of stress every day. 

Does this affect you? Then this episode is for you! 

Tune in to this episode in which I discuss the problem of digital clutter, the cost of this clutter on our business and our lives, and some simple steps you can take today to start tackling it.

Main points discussed in this episode:

  • What is digital clutter? It's more than just your files.  
  • What does digital clutter cost you?
  • How to start a digital clutter management practice.
  • Knowing isn't enough. You must do the tasks.
  • Download: Digital Clutter Simple Start Guide!

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Coursera FREE course from Yale University "The Science of Well-Being".  
    Correction: When I mentioned this in the episode, I got the University *and* the class name wrong. My apologies!

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