We all have morning habits. Whether yours starts with an alarm clock, a pet who is tired of watching you sleep, children who need attention, or the gentle sunrise doing its thing, most of us begin the day by waking up and shuffling out of bed.

Once we are up, we tend to our personal care, maybe change out of our pajamas, maybe not, and then head out of our bedroom to face the world.

From here, anything goes, and that's where the danger lies because if your personal morning routine doesn't lead you into a business morning routine, then you're at risk of falling into distraction, reaction, or otherwise derailing your day. 

Main points discussed in this episode:

  • The benefits of a morning routine  
  • What is your ideal morning routine?
  • Crafting your personal morning routine.
  • Crafting your business morning routine.
  • Download: Morning Routine Workbook!

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