Procrastination looks the same on the surface, but the causes are different for all of us, and change from time to time and project to project. In this episode we'll dive into what I found on my deep-dive into procrastination, the root causes, how it looks when it arrives, and ways we can try to mitigate it as it happens. 

Main points discussed in this episode:

  • The 5 Causes of Procrastination
    • The Power of Fear
    • The Trap of Perfectionism
    • The Slippery Slope of Distraction
    • The Sneaky Lack of Motivation
    • The Unexpected Trick of Time Misperception
  • The Various Solutions You Can Use
    • Do you see a pattern in these science-backed solutions?

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Rowan Tree Foundation (Corinne's non-profit!)
  • Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt
  • Listen to Episode #1 - MINDSET
  • Listen to Episode #5 - GOAL SETTING 
  • Studies on Procrastination:
    • Procrastination and Task Aversion: Temporal and Motivational Analyses" (Steel, P., 2007) 
    • "Procrastination, Emotions, and Health: The Role of Regret" (Steel, P., 2010) 
    • "Procrastination and Planning Fallacies" (Ferrari, J.R., et al., 1995) 
    • "The Role of Self-Efficacy in Academic Procrastination" (Schouwenburg, H.C., et al., 1992) 
    • "Procrastination and Attentional Control" (Dunning, D., et al., 2003) 
    • "Procrastination and Task Delay: An Integrative Review" (Milgram, N., et al., 1993) 
    • "Procrastination and Action Control: Theories of Procrastination and Strategies for Change" (Baumeister, R.F., et al., 2007) 

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